Dresde, Allemagne

 Chirurgie Viscér-, Thorax- et Vasculaire, Uniklinikum, Tech. Université de Dresde Uniklinikum Dresden

Clinc ,,MEDULLA,,

List of operatons

1.Total hysterectomy-60

Vaginal-3 (including stress incontinence-Burch type, Richter and Campbell + Bologna colposuspention type surgery).

Abdominal-58 (including uterine cancer-13; Wertheim classic (III-IV)- 10)

1   23

2.Ovarian cancer-Total hysterectomy. Omentectomy - 7

3.Rare giant lesions- dissecting uterine leiomyoma (cotyledonoid leiomyosarcoma)-1



5.Right lung middle lobe resection-2

6.Mediastinal tumor resection + right lung upper lobe resection-2

7.Total thyroidectomy-22

8.Thyroid cancer-3

9.Radical neck dissection- 2

10.Cholecystectomy conventional -1 Choledocholithotomy laparoscopic- 1

11.Total gastrectomy with lymphodissection- 4

12.Cancers of cecum and ascending colon-14

13.Anterior resection of rectum-8

14.Total colectomy -1

15.Left hepatectomy – 2


16.Liver IV segment huge metastasis-1 


17.Duodenopancreatectomy cephalique – 1


18.Klatzkin tumor resection with enterobiliary anastomosis- 1

19.Retroperitoneal huge metastasis-1 

20.Port-a-cath (upper vena cava catheter implantation)-5

21.Simultaneous operations:

A)Radical nephrectomy with lombo-aortic lymphodissection+ cholecystectomy+ trombectomy from V. cava inferior-+ hysterectomy- 1

B)Radical left colectomy + anterior resection of rectum with lymphodissection + small bowel resection+ hysterectomy- 1

C)Uterine extirpation+ sigmoid resection-2

D)Resection of postoperative implant metastasis + abdominal wall plastic surgery by ultrapro mash-2

E)Uterine extirpation+cholecystectomy-1

F)Mastectomy with lymph node dissection + total thyroidectomy-1

G)Total abdominal hysterectomy with salpingo-oophorectomy + omentectomy + liver atypical resection-1

H)Retroperitoneal giant tumor recidive+cholecystectomy-1

I)Mastectomy + uterine extirpation-2

J)Radical hysterectomy + uretherolithotomy - 1

K)Posterior pelvic exenteration- 1

L)Radical lombo-aortic lymph dissection + retrocrural lymphodissection + pelvic lymphodissection -1


     22. Vulva cancer-1 (radical vulvectomy, with inguinal and femoral lymph node dissection)

     23. Axillaire, supraclavicular and subclavicular lymph nodes dissection-1

     24. Giant abdominal lesions-3 (giant (21kg) solid-liquid cyst, hanging abdomen, cardio-pulmonary failure uncorrected ventral Hernia, coagulopathy)     


     25. anal fissures (anoplasty)-1

     26. Subtotal gastrectomy with lymph node dissection-3

     27. Hemorrhoidectomy by Milligan- Morgan-2

     28. Villous tumor of rectum- (parachute procedure)- 1

     29. Trancutaneus drainage of paranephrium with ultrasound control-2

     30. First metatarsal phalange exarticulation -1

   31. Transcutaneous drainage of liver cyste-2

   32. Transcutaneous liver biopsy-1


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